Scottish Independence will lead to Armageddon

Tumbleweed & Driftwood

A vote for a brighter future or Armageddon? A vote for a brighter future or Armageddon?
Scotland as an independent nation just will not survive or cope with all that comes with going it alone, is the message I hear when listening to the No campaigners on Scottish Independence.

Is it just me or is that the impression you get when listening to the public schoolboys currently tasked with governing our country?

In recent times Scottish Football suffered a life changing event when Rangers Football Club was liquidated and during the period of uncertainty which followed that insolvency event there were cries from those holding office in our national game declaring that unless everyone, from fans to club chairmen, from administrators to rule makers, recognised that maintaining the long established set up was the only way to avoid footballs own version of Armageddon.

The reason I mention this footballing event is simply because it strikes me that theā€¦

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