Personal recommendations – The list begins.

Best advertising their is!!!

The list of personal recommendations will grow week by week and is intended to offer no more than a confirmation that those included do their job well, in my personal experience, and are worthy of consideration if you’re on the look out for their type of service or product. Tumbleweed and Driftwood do not receive any form of kickback from those listed but if you mention our name when you introduce yourself to them and the blog gets another visitor that’ll do for me. I say another visitor because I have no intention of telling the various listees that there is a recommendations list therefore if they end up reading the blog it’s because someone else has enjoyed their service and mentioned where they found them. The rest is self explanatory …listing numbers are not intended as ratings, simply the order they spring to mind…

1. The Berkeley Clinic – Glasgow, Scotland

The place for great dentistry especially for those with Dental Phobia.

2. Tuite Opticians – Wishaw, Scotland

Family friendly service and able to accommodate everyone from basic specs to those fancy designer numbers.

3. Worldwide Accom – Rome, Italy

Looking for an apartment in Rome these guys are worth a try, reliable and great local knowledge.

4. St Andrews Old Course Hotel – St Andrews, Scotland

Golfer or not this place oozes style, comfort and a Scottish Welcome.

5. Amarone – Glasgow, Scotland

Great Italian restaurant in Glasgow City Centre, great food, service and affordable.

6. Apollo Window Blinds – Ayr, Scotland

Outstanding service and product range from a great wee Scottish company. Many more to follow soon… Tumble Drift out…

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