Every blogger should have one.

This is worth a try.

This is worth a try.

As we wander through life we all collect them and we like to share them with friends, family and colleagues etc.

I am of course speaking about personal recommendations.

Your favourite restaurants or hotels, the companies who have offered you a level of service you thought exceptional, the products you could not live without and the people who provide them.

It’s my feeling that individual bloggers could consider, time permitting, including a personal recommendations page offering feedback on the positive experiences that they would not hesitate to recommend to someone reading their blog.

This is not about free advertising for businesses, nor would I expect a kickback from those written about, it will just be a random section of posts which hopefully will help someone at some point when they’re looking for something in particular. No endorsement just a recounting of personal experience.

Personally I’ll be including everything from my optician to my dentist, from my holiday experiences to the guys who fitted my kitchen and a whole host of things in between.

Recommendations will be brief and to the point, no sales blurb or special offers 🙂 If anyone follows through on one of the recommendations and it works out, as it has for me, then that’s viewed simply as a favour well done and a comment on the blog about your experience would be appreciated.

First set of personal recommendations will be posted soon. There will not be a new post for every recommendation but they will just be added to the one item for the timebeing, easily accessed through the My Recommendations tag on the menu bar.

Tumble Drift out…

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