Dare to Dream

Yesterday I posted a short blog article about the generosity of spirit shown by Albion Rovers Football Club who, whilst no doubt experiencing financial challenges themselves, made a sizeable donation to a local West of Scotland children’s charity Cash for Kids and the response through my little blog has been astonishing. As a novice to the blogging community I’m used to seeing visitors come and go in relatively small numbers dependant on the content of any given article I post but I was genuinely unprepared yesterday for the deluge of visitors who picked up on and shared my thoughts.

Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream

As I post this morning over 2000 people have read that blog item alone and as a result a high proportion of them visited other pages posted on my blog. To everyone who visited I say a heartfelt thanks for taking the time to read my random thoughts and I’d encourage anyone who does visit to leave a comment, good or bad to give me an idea of where the blog may be resonating with you. To those on Twitter who felt that it warranted re-tweeting thanks a lot, it all gives me a boost to keep the blog going.

I should thank Albion Rovers again because it was their generosity of spirit which provoked my scribbling and I can consider myself fortunate to experience the positive ripple effect created by their act of kindness and generosity.

I noted with a smile a tweet from the chairman of Albion Rovers yesterday thanking everyone for their kind wishes and informing us all that Albion Rovers were officially trending on Twitter, I hope they continue to trend and they get to experience the benefit of their self made ripple effect along the way. If justice is to be served, in footballing terms, they will experience a ripple best measured on the Richter Scale on St Patricks Day 2014. I know from experience that Coatbridge has a flair for celebrating that particular day and maybe, just maybe if the wee rovers continue to dare to dream they will ignite a party which will be remembered in that area of Scotland for a long, long time.

And no telling how many bouts of cramp you suffer either :-)

And no telling how many bouts of cramp you will suffer either 🙂

Footballing success on Monday night or not, the name of Albion Rovers has been illuminated throughout Scotland and further afield through the wonders of Twitter, Fans Forums and Facebook to name but a few as an example of what a community conscious club is all about. That should, hopefully, generate benefits which will help the club continue to move forward into the next chapter of their history.

Congratulations and thank you to all at Albion Rovers.

Tumble Drift out…

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