Scottish Independence will lead to Armageddon

A vote for a brighter future or Armageddon?

A vote for a brighter future or Armageddon?

Scotland as an independent nation just will not survive or cope with all that comes with going it alone, is the message I hear when listening to the No campaigners on Scottish Independence.

Is it just me or is that the impression you get when listening to the public schoolboys currently tasked with governing our country?

In recent times Scottish Football suffered a life changing event when Rangers Football Club was liquidated and during the period of uncertainty which followed that insolvency event there were cries from those holding office in our national game declaring that unless everyone, from fans to club chairmen, from administrators to rule makers, recognised that maintaining the long established set up was the only way to avoid footballs own version of Armageddon.

The reason I mention this footballing event is simply because it strikes me that the governing bodies of the UK i.e. the elected politicians and officials tasked with running our country are operating a similar campaign of fear and negativity when discussing the Independence issue. Is it really our default defence in this country, that when faced with the possibility of something brave and new or an establishment change, that we fail to engage in reasoned debate and simply choose to attempt to shout louder or more aggressively than everyone else. Is that really the extent of an Eton education? Oh my how standards seem to have slipped.

Like our footballing authorities, whose predictions of Armageddon proved wholly inaccurate, our political leaders seem to have adopted the same disappointing mind-set and you can’t help but feel in both instances it is borne out of self interest, as opposed to the potential of a greater good for all. It may well be the case that David Cameron and George Osborne genuinely believe that Scottish Independence will result in a catastrophic collapse of the Scottish nation but I’m sure I’m not alone in failing to entirely trust political representatives, who having been afforded the best of education and a life of privilege, seem only to resort to threats and bullying behaviour.

A pound is a pound.

A pound is a pound.

I’m no politician, nor do I have any desire to become one, and I genuinely do not know what the outcome of the September 18th vote on Scottish Independence will be but I think as a voter I’m entitled to be presented with the facts on the matter prior to walking to the ballot box. I think the people of Scotland deserve nothing less than being presented with the facts from all sides of the debate, we deserve to be treated with respect by those currently holding the reins of power and we deserve to be engaged in a campaign which offers potential realities and not threats of future wastelands.

Do I believe that Scotland would be excluded from continuing to use the pound as it’s currency if it voted for Independence? No I don’t but that’s a gut feeling based on my own ability to recognise the situation is not as clear cut as George Osborne attempted to have us believe recently. Is it England’s pound to take from Scotland in the first place? Maybe if we had clarity on that our opinions may change or be reinforced.

Listening to Osborne, Clegg, Cameron and many others including the effervescent George Galloway, whose political conscience is closer to mine, you’d be forgiven for imagining visions of 5m Scots wandering aimlessly and depressed through waste ridden streets after a Yes vote wondering when the big bang was coming. Border guards would appear to make sure we didn’t leave without the necessary paperwork, there would be queues the length of Argyll Street and Princes Street at foreign exchange bureaus as we tried to cash in our defunct pounds for our new plastic currency and our natural resources, having evaporated overnight, would offer no prospect of a brighter future.

Well, I simply don’t buy their proclamations of doom. I didn’t buy it from the footballing authorities and I certainly don’t buy it from the politicians at this moment time.

As a Scotsman I share a number of traits with my countrymen, a thirst for knowledge, a willing to engage in genuine debate and perhaps the greatest gift of all – an eye for a chancer.

Perhaps if we were all treated with the respect we deserve on the eve of what could be a historic vote we could all vote in full knowledge of the facts or is that just a naïve pipedream which politicians cannot deliver for fear their little worlds so reliant on vague or ambiguous statements may crumble?

My vote and the votes of many of my countrymen are up for grabs; I challenge the politicians to try and win them as opposed to demand them.

I’ve attached a link to a video below which offers an individual Scottish politicians views on where Scotland should vote come the 18th of September and why. I don’t agree with certain aspects of Tommy Sheridan’s vision for an Independent Scotland but I share his opinion that we are not going to the ballot box on September the 18th to vote for our favourite political party. Some of the statistics quoted on this video are jaw dropping and, if nothing else, worthy of further consideration.

Like everyone else I’d like to see a country without poverty, especially child poverty, without a need for food-banks and hand outs. I’ve got, as every Scotsman does, a little over six months to decide what option offers the best chance of achieving that and it’s time for the politicians to convince us through education and engagement that their way is the best way.

Tumble Drift out…

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